Veracity is proud to support a number of hard working charities.  We do this in various ways, from sponsorships to pro bono production work.
In a world where commercial pressures are everywhere it’s important to keep a sense of perspective. Here’s how we try to keep ours.

MS Trust

We have been supporters of the MS Trust on various fundraising projects since 2007 and made a series of social media films for them to help people newly diagnosed with MS. The MS Trust fulfils an invaluable role in providing invaluable, consistent information to people with MS and works closely with clinicians to improve treatment programmes.

Phase Worldwide

Through our film work with adversity adventurer Alex Staniforth we were introduced to Phase Worldwide and continue to support this small charity in its work in remote communities in Nepal affected by poverty and the aftermath of the 2015 Earthquake.

Chester Aid to the Homeless

Our closest charity partner is a 2-minute walk away from Veracity’s Chester office. We’re happy to support CATH’s efforts with homeless people in the city through both awareness-raising production work and donations, most recently completing a 6 mile trail run to raise money for CATH.

Action Aid

Since 2009 we have helped sponsor the education of two children in India through Action Aid. We receive regular updates, drawings and photographs and it is heart warming to see the progress made as the children have dreams, grow up, and begin to realise their aspirations.

Chester Neuro Therapy Centre

The Neuro Therapy Centre

Our newest charity partner is another Chester organisation performing an invaluable role for the community. The Neuro Therapy Centre provides specialised practical support and therapies to people diagnosed with neurological conditions such as MS, Parkinson’s Disease, MND and Fybromyalgia. It draws members from across North Wales and North West England and we are currently working on our second film to promote the Centre to potential partners and sources of funding.